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System Accessories

NCS-C410 Trunking Delay Module

NCS-C410 Trunking Delay Module

NCS-C410 Application
(click to enlarge)
NCS-C410 Application

The NCS-C410 Trunking Delay Module is a “must have” when connecting trunking system radios to the NCS-C250/C251.

When installed between the NCS-C250/C251 and the trunking radio, the NCS-C410 delays the transmitted audio and PTT release while the trunking system acquires a clear channel. This allows the operator to transmit immediately after pressing the PTT without loosing syllables or words at the beginning of the transmission.

The NCS-C410 is easily installed between the NCS-C250/C251 and the trunked radio and requires 12 VDC @ 250mA. The interface cable to the NCS-C250/C251 and power cable are provided. Radio Interface Cables are sold separately.

Setup is simple and requires selecting the proper acquisition delay time for your trunking system. Available delay times are 0 ms, 50 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 400 ms, 800 ms and 1600 ms. These values are switch selectable on the side of the unit.

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NCS-C441 Multi-Switcher Combiner

NCS-C441 Multi-Switcher Combiner

C250 Parallel Operation C441
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C250 Parallel Operation C441

The NCS-C441 Multi-Switcher Combiner is used to share a single radio with up to 4 NCS-C250/C251s when multiple operating positions require sharing of radios.

A PTT lockout feature is provided to prevent operators at different operating positions from transmitting simultaneously. During operation, all C250s get Receive Audio from the radio. Only one C250 can transmit on the radio at a time. If one C250 is transmitting, any other C250 attempting to transmit will be locked out, no microphone audio will be sent to the radio and a beeping will be heard in the C250’s Selected Audio channel. All C250s that are not transmitting will hear the transmit audio as well as the receive audio from the radio.

A PTT Fault circuit is also included. When the system is powered up the unit will check for stuck PTT lines. If a “stuck mic” is detected, the red PTT Fault LED will remain on and an alarm tone will be sent to the C250 with the stuck mic or PTT line.

A Record Output provides transmit and receive audio from the connected radio for logging purposes.

The unit must be connected to a 12 VDC power source capable of delivering 50 mA.

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NCS-E116 DTMF Dial Pad

NCS-E116 DTMF Dial Pad

The NCS-E116 DTMF Dial Pad can be used with any of our equipment when it's necessary that the operator be able to send DTMF tones.

Automatic PTT is a feature that keys the keys PTT whenever a DTMF button is pressed. This feature is normally disabled at the factory to prevent accidental keying of a radio. This feature can be enabled at the factory if desired.

The unit requires an 8-12 VDC power source capable of delivering 50 mA. This can be supplied by the NCS-C250 or other NCS equipment

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NCS-C003 Headset Interface Box


The NCS-C003 Headset Interface Box provides a convenient method of connecting a headset, PTT switch and speakers to the NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switcher. Most any headset can be used with the NCS-C003. A headset adaptor cable is required to match your headset to the unit.

Both dual muff and single muff headsets can be accommodated. The Selected and Unselected speaker audio is muted when a dual muff headset is connected. With a single muff headset, the Selected speaker audio is muted, but the Unselected speaker audio remains active.

Signal and power connections to the NCS-C250 are via a supplied 10-foot cable.

Two 3.5 mm phone jacks are provided on the rear of the unit for connecting the Selected and Unselected speakers. Speakers should nominally be 4-8 Ohms.

Most PTT hand switches or footswitches can be used provided they are terminated in a ¼ inch phone plug. In-line PTT switches found on some headsets are also accommodated.

The unit is designed to be conveniently mounted underneath the tabletop.

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